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Youth Accounts

ChiroKids Ages 12 & Under

Members age 12 and under enjoy the benefits of the ChiroKids program through Chiropractic Federal Credit Union. Learn about the importance of saving and have fun at the same time.

  • Receive a ChiroKids piggy bank when you open your savings account ($25 minimum deposit/member share) with a $100, 6-month term CD
  • Youth CD - $100 minimum deposit, 6-months term, and make deposits at any time in increments of $50
  • Visit any Xtend shared branch and make deposits into your account

ChiroTeens Ages 13-17

Your credit union is offering a wide range of services to members age 13 to 17 through the ChiroTeens program.

Savings Account

Open your account with a $25 minimum deposit. This deposit represents your member share and then allows you to use all of the additional services available.

Youth CD

Earn more on your savings dollars when you save in a Youth CD. There's just a $100 minimum deposit required for this 6-month CD, and you can make additional deposits at any time in increments of $50.

Checking Account, Debit MasterCard & ATMs

When you're age 16 and 17, you can open your own checking account, and even have your own Debit MasterCard or ATM card that makes it easy to access your account. Debit cards can be used at stores, movie theaters, to buy gas, and more. There are over 28,000 surcharge-free ATMs available for you to use around the country.

We'll help teach you about the importance of balancing your checking account, how to use a debit card, and many safety tips when using an ATM.*

Check your balances online through this secure system. Then when you have a checking account, you can make transfers from one account to another, find out if your check or debit transactions have cleared your account, and much more.

Shared Branches

If you don't live near our office, you can go to any Xtend or CU Service Center Shared Branch to make transactions on your account. Visit , click on the Xtend or CU Service Center logos to find a branch in your town.

Enjoy the benefits of the ChiroKids and ChiroTeens programs today!

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